Escrow System

You can be sure that the seller can not scam you!  Basically because The seller will be able to receive the payment only after you receive your order!

You will pay us the order on our BTC Address and the vendor have to send us the proof of delivery to release the payment.

If you order a product from any seller and find it wasn’t what you expected, first contact the seller to find a a friendly solution and Keep in mind that the delivery time in most of products its 15-20 days. If the seller does not provide a solution in a couple of days, then send us your inquiry to [email protected] and we take care of order , refunded the payment or asking for a change. Keep in mind that by default we are at your side. 

If you want to send a Claim. We need the following information:

1) Email address
2) Order number and Vendor
3) The product you want to return
4) Reason for return
5) Your bitcoin address

Please send us a email to [email protected] or use the contact form here: Contact


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The seller will receive your payment only after you receive your order.

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