Prepaid Card 6000 Sterling Pounds balance

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Prepaid Card with 6000 sterling pounds balance. We offer 100% safe prepaid cards which are topped up with funds from cloned credit cards, Bank Transfer, paypal reloads etc..

Can be used for ATM withdrawals, online payments etc..

They are manufactured at the time of order, so they can be customized with customer data if necessary

All our Prepaid cards are delivered with CVV and pin, as well as manual to withdraw at ATMs

At Carding Team We are a small group of hackers and social engineers that target many different types of money based accounts(mostly “big fish” accounts). We use many methods of draining the accounts safely so that we can utilize the funds that are acquired. Loading prepaid cards is just one of our many methods of laundering the money and covering our tracks. The objective of this method is to spread small sums of money all over the world so that there is no viable trail for anyone to even attempt to follow.


We have both plain magnetic stripe cards and chipped cards. Our chipped card balances come in euros, sterling pounds or dollars and cost more due to one; the higher balances and two, chipped cards are more difficult to acquire.

Prepaid card benefit

Cards that we’ve loaded with funds from various accounts. Once the funds are loaded onto the prepaid cards, they are secure and only you will have access to them, making them risk free.


Delivery :  15-20 days from order via Postal service,

Shipping fee: 50 euro

Payment : Bitcoin


Seller : Carding Team : [email protected]

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